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January 10th 1997




Certificate (Translation)

Mr. Hübner worked in our office from August 5th 1996 to December 20th 1996 within the scope of his practical studies.

During this time he was occupied with various tasks related to planning load-bearing structures. The focus of his work for the projects in line was (residential) house building, in particular solid constructions:

·Drawing of position plans

·Determination of ceiling tension equipment, arrangement of the required lintels and strain reliefs etc.

·Recording the position in the position plan

·Determination and compilation of load assumptions

·Revision and correction of architectural plans with regard to compliance with masonry dimensions

·Drawing of circuit diagrams

·Preparation of verifications from the point of view of construction physics with regard to sound insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation

Furthermore, by participating in internal and external planning meetings, he was able to acquire insight into the activities of an engineer working in the fields of planning and implementing load-bearing constructions.

After a brief preparation period, Mr. Hübner soon carried out all tasks with great care and caution. Due to his good empathy skills, he was always able to discern and carry out the tasks with regard to content and organization, so that his work could always be directly used, without exception.

In addition to his excellent work, we would like to emphasize his extraordinary efforts in supporting the office in complying with time schedules. Due to his friendly and modest manner, he was much appreciated.

We wish Mr. Hübner the best for his further studies and professional career.


Certified engineer B.Szafranski