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Letter of reference, Neumann Civil Engineering Ltd
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Neumann Civil Engineering Ltd

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12163 Berlin


Letter of reference (Translation)

Mr. Björn Hübner, certified engineer, born on February 22nd 1972 in Berlin, was employed in our company as construction site manager from August 15th 2001 to September 30th 2003.

His scope of duties covered construction site management for ready-to-use buildings, shell construction, reconstruction and redevelopment. These tasks included detailed planning, tendering, awarding and invoicing work with contractors and subcontractors.

His further duties included the following tasks:

· Management of the entire correspondence with contractors and subcontractors

· Monitoring and coordination of the construction process and self-prepared time schedule

· Compilation of work reports and cost monitoring on a monthly basis

· Payment of piecework wages
The projects included residential and business houses, office buildings, small construction sites and reconstruction work.

From January 1st 2003 to July 31st 2003, Mr. Hübner worked on loan for the company BSS Ltd. There Mr. Hübner developed and monitored acceleration plans to secure that the construction of the SAP office building was completed on schedule.  

Furthermore, Mr. Hübner was commissioned to handle warranty claims. This included the successful inspection of objects within the periods of limitation and the enforcement of thereby determined claims against our subcontractors.

Mr. Hübner possesses well-founded specialist knowledge that he successfully used within his sphere of activities. He identifies with his tasks and his operational readiness is above average.

Mr. Hübner always completed his tasks with great care and maximum precision. The tasks we assigned to Mr. Hübner were always completed to our fullest satisfaction.

His exemplary, cooperative manner always assured him an excellent relationship to his superiors and colleagues. Mr. Hübner was open-minded and sensitive when directly dealing with contractors. Even contractors known to be difficult were taken care of to their personal satisfaction.

We would especially like to mention that, to his credit, Mr. Hübner used his own free time to continue to learn by taking part in courses of his own accord. He took part in three courses that handled the electronic data processing program used in our company. Mr. Hübner was then able to help employees working in the fields of commerce and calculation, with suggestions how to use our software more efficiently. This resulted in significant time and therefore cost saving.

It is Mr. Hübner’s own wish to leave us to take over new tasks for another company. We greatly regret this, however we fully understand that Mr. Hübner would like to enhance his professional skills and find new challenges.

We would like to express out gratitude to Mr. Hübner for his excellent work and wish him the best for his professional and personal future.

Neumann Civil Engineering

Berlin, September 10th 2003